Terms & Conditions


This Regulations define terms and conditions the provisions of electronic sales by CGMODELX to CGMODELX products and was made available to consumers in the electronic form before the conclusion of the Transaction, on our website.

1. Glossary of terms:

1) Transactions–procedure of entering into sales agreements to the products between CGMODELX and the User,
2) User–is a Consumer or an entrepreneur performing transactions,
3) License for CGMODELX Products-license, under which Consumer as a Licensee acquires from CGMODELX as a Licensor the right to use our products for commercial and personal purposes, xcluding the possibility of their further resell, giving, whether for remuneration or not sublicense, share or distribute.
4) CGMODELX products, products–digital files which consist of:
a. Collection of 2D files–digital files in 2D format,
b. Collection of 3D files–digital files in 3D format,
c. Archmodels–collection of the "files which make" editable 3D models destined for the use in 3D scenes, for example, trees, furniture, toys, household appliances,
d. Archinteriors–editable scenes from the interiors built from blocks to 3D models, for example the interior of the stores, lofts, apartments, production floor, kitchen lay-out,
e. Archexteriors–editable Scenes of open spaces built from blocks of 3D models, for example a park, a street, buildings,
f. HD models–collection of 3D models of resolution with much bigger density of construction grid and bigger number O F details,
g. textures–files in form the photos which are used for editing and giving a certain external to 3D model,
h. HDRI – files recorded in 2D format in a form of photos,
i. Landscapes– the collection of photos used for creating the background in graphic designs,
j. Archshaders– files of certain texture, imitating the given material and enabling to give external appearance to the 3D block,
k. Tutorials - computer presentation in a form of video file or in a form of text combined with pictures and films, illustrating 2D and 3D files, enabling the “step by step” approach to learning of making a given activity,
l. renders – non-editable files from the scenes with models, appearing in a form of photos
5) CGMODELX store–a separate form of the CGMODELX Portal part where the User can make a purchase of the CGMODELX Products,
6) CGMODELX Portal–internet website maintained by CGMODELX in English, through which the transactions are the made and Other services related to the transactions are rendered, maintained through CGMODELX in the domain CGMODELX.org,
7) Registered User–a User who has the CGMODELX portal,
8) Unregistered User–a User who does not have a account on the CGMODELX portal,
9) Seller–CGMODELX offering the sale in the CGMODELX store,
10) Registration–procedure for opening,
11) Regulations–these Regulations,
12) Reseller–entity reselling the CGMODELX products.
13) Virtual Cash (VC) –virtual funds granted to the account under terms of CGMODELX terms and conditions.

2. Terms and conditions of participation on the CGMODELX Portal.

1) The User can make a registration of the CGMODELX Portal. The account can also is registered through application using the user's data from facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
2) The User can make registration with person or through a who authorized to undertake different activities relate D to the registration on behalf of the User.
3) The User gets access to the account by entering login and password.
4) The account contains the data given during registration. In case of later changes of the user's data, the user shall enter the changed data immediately.
5) The registered User can have no more than one account.
6) The registered User has one of the all orders of CGMODELX products.
7) The User shall not with other Users ' account, or make His/hers account available for other people except for the authorised people.
8) The User shall keep secret the password to his/hers account.
9) Any use of the "account" to the detriment of CGMODELX and its, or other Users are forbidden.
10) If the User breaches the provisions of Regulations, CGMODELX can, in addition to all other rights and legal me asures it is entitled to under these Regulations and under the prevailing legal rules, blocks the account.

3. Technical conditions for the use of CGMODELX Portal

1) In order to use the functions of the CGMODELX Portal correctly and to the fullest extent possible, the User shall have:
a. A device with access to the Internet,
b. Internet search engine of XHTML 1.0 standard, or higher, or software of similar parameters.
2) The use of the functions of CGMODELX Portal can is conditioned by the installation of Java, or Java Script Software and the acceptance of cookies files.

4. Rules for posting entries on CGMODELX Portal

1) Registered User can make entries on the Forum of CGMODELX Portal.
2) The User is obliged to familiarize with the changes of the Regulations and abide its provisions.
3) CGMODELX stipulates that won't store or display any content containing vulgar content, encouraging to racial, Religious and ethnic hatred, or content propagating violence, or the totalitarian political system
4) It is forbidden to publish, in particular:
a. Vulgarisms,
b. Content incompliant with the same, in particular content which infringes the copyrights of the third,
c. Content which infringes the third parties ' personal rights, including ' politicians,
d. Pornographic content.
5) The user posts an entry at the user's own risk.
6) The protection of logo. Including CGMODELX, CGMODELX interior design, products of CGMODELX and something related, without CGMODELX prior written consent, the user may not show or use the logo in any way, also may not show that you have the right to show or handle the logo of CGMODELX.
7) Everyone who has the knowledge this content posted by the "User is Incompliant" with the "," or with the provisions Of these Regulations can and should inform CGMODELX by electronic mail about such incident as so about the site where such content is displayed.
8) CGMODELX has the "right" control the content of the entries and comments and their modification, as their disposal in the event of gross non-compliance with the rules of the regulations.
9) 3D modles, 2D documents, software, sounds, photos, video, charts and some else related that users upload or provide, once uploaded to CGMODELX, users shall be deemed to agree to release their works exclusively on this site,and shall be protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other related property ownership laws.
10) Users shall not release such works separately in addition to CGMODELX and shall not copy or disseminate such contents without permission.

Part. II. Sale of CGMODELX Products

1.Subject of Sale

1)CGMODELX provides the CGMODELX Products only in the extend and under the conditions described in the Regulations and in accordance with the contents of the licence agreements.
2)CGMODELX is not required, in particular to develop or adapt the system to individual User needs, access to source code, adapt of User’s system or software to the needs of cooperation with the CGMODELX Products, to provide any consulting or advisory services to the User or to provide access to Internet for the User.
3)The User is obliged to secure, its own and at his own cost, hardware and software and access to the Internet network to allow the use of CGMODELX Products.

2.Sales Transaction

1)The sale of CGMODELX Products is conducted via CGMODELX Store, or through the Resellers. The Complete list of Resellers represents enclosure No 1 to these Regulations.
2)Concluding the Agreement through the CGMODELX Store occurs by placing an order on the website of CGMODELX Store. Conclusion of the agreement and its provisions are confirmed by the Client immediately.
3)For placing and order with the CGMODELX Store it is not required to make the Registration of the Account. The User can place an order as an Unregistered User.
4)In order to place an order the Unregistered User after choosing a given CGMODELX Product and after accepting the License, clicks “Checkout” bookmark. Then, the Unregistered User fills out the required fields and chooses the method of payment.
5)When logging in the Registered User does not have to give again the User’s data since the data is saved in the system and they appear on the form automatically. The only information which shall be given is the method of payment and the type of delivery.
6)After giving the required information the order shall be confirmed by clicking “order with obligation of payment” bookmark and then the screen will appear showing the confirmation of order placing, the number of the order etc. At the same time the User shall receive the order acknowledgment by mail.
7)The purchased CGMODELX Product which is available in download version after making the payment will stay in the Account within the time set out in Art.

3.Payment Policy

1)All the prices quoted in CGMODELX Store are net prices (VAT tax exclusive), denominated in EURO currency, this is €. It is possible to calculate the price into other currency automatically after clicking the currency selection bookmark.
2)The payments can be made by the User via PayPal site
3)The purchased CGMODELX Product is automatically available after making payment by the User and recording the received payment by CGMODELX.

4.The rights of the Registered User

1)The Registered User is entitled to take part in the CGMODELX Partner Program.
2)After making the Transaction the Registered User will not receive any e-mail message with the password. To make Transaction or download the files the User uses the same login and password.
3)The Registered User has one Account for all the orders.
4)At any time the Registered User can delete or edit his/hers Account.

Part. Ⅲ. Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy ("Policy") is designed to inform users of the Justeazy service, including all associated software, and websites (collectively, the "Services") about how Justeazy, Inc. ("Justeazy," "we" or "us") gathers and uses personal information we collect in connection with the Services. We will take reasonable steps to protect user privacy consistent with the guidelines set forth in this Policy and with applicable U.S. laws. In this Policy, "user" or "you" means any person using or otherwise benefiting from the Services or otherwise submitting personal information to us via the Services. BY ACCESSING OR USING THE SERVICES, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE SERVICES. This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into the Justeazy Terms of Use ("Terms of Use"), available at https://justeazy.cn, to which you agree to be bound by using the Services.

2.What Information Do We Collect?

1)Limited Personal Information: We collect the following personal information in connection with the Services: (a) if you register as a Justeazy user, we will collect the personal information you submit to us to build your user profile, including but not limited to your name and email address, location, and personal website; (b) if applicable, we may collect payment information from such as your name and credit card information; and (c) if you communicate with us by email, we will collect your email address. All of this information is referred to in this Policy as "Personal Information."
2)User Data: The Services allows users to upload and submit 3D models, images, and some else related. All data uploaded by users at the direction of users is referred to in this Policy as "User Data."
3)Tracking Information: We may use web tracking technologies such as cookies and web beacons in order to operate the Services efficiently and to collect data related to usage of the Services. Such collected data ("Tracking Information") may include the type of browser you are using, your Internet Protocol (IP) address , the time you visit the Service and what pages in the Services you visit and what links you clicked on, etc.

3.How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

1)Personal Information: Your Personal Information may be supplemented with additional information regarding your activities on the Services; to the extent that such information is linked specifically to you, we will treat that additional information as your Personal Information. We may use your email address to send you informational materials regarding the Services, or marketing materials regarding Justeazy's other products and services. We may also use Personal Information for the internal operational, product development, and administrative purposes of the Services.
2)User Data: We collect and temporarily store User Data in order to provide the Services to you, and it may be used for the purposes of developing, distributing, providing, improving, marketing, and promoting the Services.
3)Web Tracking Information: We use Web Tracking Information to administer the Services and to understand how well our Services are working, to store your user preferences, and to develop statistical information on usage of the Services. This helps us improve our Services, personalize your user experience, and to measure overall effectiveness. We do not correlate Web Tracking Information to individual user Personal Information, except for internal operational, product development, and administrative purposes of the Services. Some Web Tracking Information may include data, such as IP address data, that is unique to you.
4)Aggregate Information: We will also create statistical, aggregated data relating to our users and the Services for analytical purposes ("Aggregate Information"). Aggregate Information is derived from Personal Information and User Data but in its aggregated form it does not duplicate or reveal any User Data or relate to or identify any individual. This data may be used to understand our customer base and to develop, improve and market the Services and Justeazy's other products or services.

4.What Information Do We Disclose to Third Parties?

1)Personal Information and User Data: We will not disclose your Personal Information or User Data to any third parties except as follows:
a.when we have your consent to share the information.
b.when we have to maintain the intellectual property and some other important rights of Justeazy
c.to safeguard the privacy of users and the public in an emergency
d.in accordance with the relevant provisions of this article or other circumstances necessary to Justeazy.
2)Aggregate Information: We may disclose aggregated data that does not contain Personal Information or User Data to any third parties, such as media outlets, potential customers, business partners, and funding sources, in order to describe our business and operations or for any other purpose.
3)Network Operators: Use of the Services may involve use of the services of third party telecommunications carriers. These carriers are not our contractors, and any information that a carrier collects in connection with your use of the Services is not "Personal Information" and is not subject to this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the acts or omissions of telecommunications carriers.
4)Legal Exception: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Policy, we may preserve or disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; or to protect our rights or property
5)Business Transfers: In the event that Justeazy is involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. This Policy will apply to your information as transferred to the new entity.


1)Security: We use reasonable security precautions to protect the security and integrity of your Personal Information in accordance with this policy and applicable law. However, no Internet transmission is completely secure, and we cannot guarantee that security breaches will not occur. Without limitation of the foregoing, we are not responsible for the actions of hackers and other unauthorized third parties that breach our reasonable security procedures.
2)Links: The Services may contain links to other websites and services, including payment services. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those websites, and you should review the privacy statements of each third party website you visit. This Policy applies solely to information collected by the Services.